MnM Hockey Podcast

Bob Murray, Chicago Blackhawks, Coyotes Suck, and More

November 15, 2021

lex and Chace are back after a partial week off and they have a few large stories to discuss. They start with some news that is tough to talk about. That being Bob Murray stepping down as the Anaheim Ducks General Manager and entering the NHL's Alcohol Abuse Program. The guys talk about why it is an unfortunate situation that like all bad situations, is a good thing it has come to light but a bad thing it ever happened. They also look at the Ducks on the ice and discuss their future. Next, they look at the updates with John Doe two and the Chicago Blackhawks case. Before switching to the actual team that fired head coach Jermy Colliton last week. Discussing his future and the teams future as a whole.

The guys also look at just how bad the Arizona Coyotes are. Astonished that their record can be so poor this far into a season. They are currently sitting at 1-13-1 and the guys place over/under on their final points. Finally, Alex and Chace look at the Ottawa Senators COVID situation and how that may affect things heading forward. 


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